There are many people who contribute to the success of Thomas A. Little Consulting. These people include our clients, highly experienced and qualified conultants, and our partnerships with SAS / JMP and The Ashford Group. Please follow the links below to get more information on the clients we work with, consultant biographies, and links to our partner organizations.

Full Course Curriculum

View the all training options available for Statistical and Analytical courses, Quality by Design, and Lean Six Sigma.

Consulting Services

View the all of the consulting services TLC offers.

Corporate Services

In addition to training, TLC provides a range of corporate services to support your training and implementation activities.

Our clients are a variety of Semiconductor, Electronics, Optics, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Software, Universities, Hospitals, Medical Care, Consumer Products, Service Industries and other Fortune 50 companies and FDA regulated industries.

TLC consultants are experts in JMP, Minitab and process flow and control analytical software products. TLC has trained over 85,000 engineers and scientists on the use of statistical and analytical methods for product/product characterization, improvement and control with operations in the US, Canada, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Dr. Little provides business partner with SAS Institute teaching SAS courses in Design of Experiments, Statistical Quality Control, Nonlinear Modeling, Stability Analysis, JMP Scripting language, ESDA, BSDA, ANOVA, MSA, Regression, Distribution Modeling and Exploratory data analysis. TLC is a strategic partner of SAS since 1999.