Specialists in Statistical Methods and Lean Six Sigma
Specialists in Statistical Methods and Lean Six Sigma
These applied analytical and problem solving courses are used for product development, cost reduction, root cause analysis, process modeling, process control and performance optimization. TLC curriculum is used by a variety of fortune 500 companies and has trained over 100,000 scientists, engineers and business professionals globally. TLC’s statistical methods training curriculum is available for on-site or web based training for your company or organization worldwide in English or Mandarin Chinese.
Engineering and Analytical Training
Systematic product development, Quality by Design courses, consulting services and analytical training for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. QbD provides guidance to facilitate design of products and processes that maximize the product’s efficacy and safety profile while enhancing product manufacturability and control. QbD training curriculum is available for on-site or web based training for your company or organization worldwide.
Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device
Thomas A. Little Consulting offers a complete curriculum for new product development, manufacturing and business process performance optimization. TLC curriculum is modular and easy to modify and customize to client needs and aligned to business challenges. Contact us for custom quotation and program development.
Lean Six Sigma Training
These courses are available to the public, especially to people who require individual training outside of the workplace. Public courses are updated regularly and topics change routinely. To request more information or to reserve a space, please select your prefered course and fill out the online request form.
Public Courses
There are times when training alone is not enough. Thomas A. Little Consulting offers a complete suite of consulting services uniquely tailored to meet customer specific needs. TLC participates with the company to assist in many of the project related tasks, including quality risk management, study design, analysis and report generation, and more.
Consulting Services
Thomas A. Little provides customized programs, training and consulting to meet the most demanding customer needs. New product introduction, process control solutions, efficiency and performance optimization, database and automation, scripting, Quality by Design, Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma are all customizable and available depending on corporate needs.
Corporate Services
On-site training is available for your company anywhere in the world. TLC also offers public training courses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please provide us with your training requirements, dates and location and we will respond with availability and requested course information within 24 hours.
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Tools and templates created by Thomas A. Little Consulting have been used by numerous companies to aid and support various aspects of product development, problem solving, data analysis and risk assessment. Tools are included for General Statistics, Quality by Design, Process Control Spreadsheets, Quality Spreadsheets and Techinical White Papers.
Tools and Templates
Publications written by Dr. Tom Little and others on various aspects of statistical methods, product development, validation and process control. They have been published in a variety of journals and are available for your review. They represent industry standard practice and a practitioner's perspective on best practices for product development, data analysis and risk assessment.
Articles and Publications
Explore a partial list of our international clients. Industries include Semiconductor, Electronics, Optics, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Software, Universities, Hospitals, Medical Care, Consumer Products, Service Industries and other Fortune 500 companies.
Our Clients
Explore the qualifications of Dr. Thomas A. Little and our internationally based consultants. TLC consultants are experts in JMP, Minitab, process flow, and control analytical software products. TLC has trained over 85,000 engineers and scientists on the use of statistical and analytical methods for product/product characterization, improvement and control with operations in the US, Canada, Asia Pacific and Europe.
TLC Consultants
There are many ways to get in touch and with Thomas A. Little Consulting. You can fill out an online form with any questions, or contact Dr. Little directly through phone or email. You can also stay connected with us though LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media.
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