Quality Improvement Training
Corporate Services
At Thomas A. Little Consulting, we offer courses in Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Regression and Data Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, FMEA, Process Mapping and SPC. Our courses are designed to develop and improve the analytical skills and problem solving abilities of your staff. These courses will help your employees to stay on top of current quality engineering industry developments and learn skills to increase your company's competitive edge while building their own careers.

Download Curriculum

Download the full curriculum for Statistical and Analytical courses in PDF format.

Biotech, Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Courses

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Lean Six Sigma

Complete curriculum for new product development, manufacturing and business process performance optimization.

Tools & Templates

Development tools and templates created by Thomas A. Little Consulting have been used by numerous companies to aid and support various aspects of product development, problem solving, data analysis and risk assessment.

Onsite Training
At Thomas A. Little Consulting, we understand that many quality improvement projects need to be done yesterday. Your team of engineers needs immediate, quality training, yet it may not be practical to send a sizable group off-site for a seminar. We have the solution. You provide the location and we provide customized on-site training complete with an expert instructor and our comprehensive course material. As needed we can also provide laptop computers and state of the art software to provide instant hands-on laboratory based training. We have experience providing training solutions all over the globe.
Public Training
We also offer a variety of public courses. You can assess them through the web site. These courses are ideal when you have a limited number of employees who need a class and the expense does not warrant scheduling a class on-site.
Xerox Document Management
Don't have the time or the capability to duplicate the course material for the training class? No problem. For a small fee we can take care of all the duplication and binding and send them anywhere in the world they are needed.
Train the Trainer
In many cases, companies wish to develop internal expertise to deliver a quality curriculum to their employees. To assist our clients with this mission, Thomas A. Little Consulting offers Train the Trainer workshops for any class that we offer. The Train the Trainer workshops are designed to increase the effectiveness of new trainers by teaching the participants how to effectively transfer expertise to others. Also, these tailored programs will provide participants with a solid and thorough understanding of the course material.

Each participant is actively involved in the learning process ensuring that the skills that they develop can be put to use right away. During the workshop each participant will be given the opportunity to ask questions, practice, perform, and apply skills. In addition, each trainer is provided immediate feedback from their peers and the instructor
Training Needs Assessment
Not quite sure what courses your company needs? Well, as experts in analyzing performance issues,let us conduct a training needs assessment to help you clearly define the specific quality engineering training courses needed. We can perform a needs assessment focused on identifying the specific employee skills that are needed to meet current company issues.

A thorough on-site assessment of company specific issues, current employee skills, future demands, and process quality issues will pinpoint specific areas for focus. Based on our findings, a training need assessment summary will be generated identifying exactly what training courses are required to meet current and future company goals and initiatives.