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We perform process control audits that provide an unbiased evaluation of the company's current process control system. Based on the audit findings, we provide a comprehensive, results-orientated project plan to address the audit findings. We work with your engineers to identify ways in which their training could extend to improving your company's process control capabilities.

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Download the full curriculum for Statistical and Analytical courses in PDF format.

Biotech, Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Courses

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Lean Six Sigma

Complete curriculum for new product development, manufacturing and business process performance optimization.

Tools & Templates

Development tools and templates created by Thomas A. Little Consulting have been used by numerous companies to aid and support various aspects of product development, problem solving, data analysis and risk assessment.

The typical process control categories that will be thoroughly evaluated and graded are:
  1. Clear specification definition
  2. Effective metrology
  3. Characterization
  4. Sampling plans
  5. Control chart definition
  6. Out of control action plans
  7. Process documentation
  8. Training
  9. Information database
  10. Internal audits
Depending on the scope of the audit, a complete process control audit can be conducted in 3-5 days. After the audit findings are summarized and reported to management, we will make recommendations with a view of reducing deficiencies and improving performance. If you areinterested in having Thomas A. Little Consulting perform a thorough process control audit at your company, please contact us for more information. You can also download our audit template from the Applications section of our website.